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Huckleberry woods - Викторија Софеска

Sky flames

and endless frames

by the river glittering

into ashes in vain.

Stone walls

of dull concrete

written down perfectly,

waiting up silently.

Pages and pages

I’ve been trying hard

but not enough –

may the Gods be my guard.

Shadow on the light

just standing unbothered

there across fields of thought,

there only existing to be colored.

And I see her dancing

the wary forest fairy

pleasantly stepping and waltzing

right into my shallow endings.

Who are they

if I’m becoming a stranger to I,

not only to the running wolves

or the mountain witches wild.

Proudly looking eyes

pierce through my bones and skin

but that is just another stranger

mirroring himself about a sin.

As the paper sheet turns darker

the heart is doing so,

not lucky to make amends,

not ready to take a bow.

So take these trembling hands

as long as the sun can shine

because none of it will be here

when tomorrow comes by.



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