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Vulnera Sanentur - Дина Јовевска

It’s okay not to be okay,

Especially when the pain never goes away.

I stay home every day,

And listen to what my heart and mind have to say.

Heart vs. mind, a never ending war.

War that makes every part of me sore,

War that makes it difficult for me to find that exit door.

All of my problems seem to get in the way,

And with them the pain is also invited to stay.

Everyday I can feel my heart break,

As I question myself how much more of this I can take.

Bullying made me weak,

And with every insult I can feel my confidence ship starting to sink.

Was playing a game with my crush,

Now I’m trying to cover my swollen purple eyes with a concealer brush.

My thoughts are the ocean that I drown in,

My eyes spill tears like a fountain.

My heart recovering from all the stitches.

Every memory and everything I see in front of me glitches.


Новата песна која влегува во нашата ẞ-инста-стихозбирка е на поетесата Дина Јовевска. Таа по третпат зема учество во нашата инста-стихозбирка, а со оваа песна ја поврзува со изреката  "To share your weakness is to make yourself vulnerable; to make yourself vulnerable is to show your strength"


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