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A laconic reply - Ева Јакимовска

When Venus came to tempt my love,

some fervor I withdrew.

She challenged me to find him in Florence

but I deemed it as untrue.

And there it was.My heart strolled through Italian emerald greens

As my spirit flowed within intoxicated liquor rivers,

just like this one, let’s say.

Where thoughts take me around future bends

And the gentle winds make the willow trees quiver.

Cheers to this ecstatic sight.

In vinno veritas. Yes, in wine there’s truth.

Red poisonous ink. Ages long. Tastes right.

Released from my soul through unexpected fate

pages inked unevenly when u appeared almost too late.

Well, what do I need to say now? That was your que:

To type away

narrate our story,

but all u knew to do is finish it in one day.

This gamble me

it's not as easy as thought.

The hand you’ve been dealt

is what you’ve got.

A random shuffle passed you someone

to be your queen of hearts.

I played a game where I lose

I lost once when I had to choose.

So, wherever this journey takes you from here

I’m glad I stopped to savour the spell.

Nothing was ever promised between our fear

on those shadows I can only dwell.


Ева Јакимовска е ученичка во трета година во СУГС Гимназија „Орце Николов“.

„Се' е постојана промена. Моментите не можат да бидат врамени во оваа реална сказна. Патеките се избираат како што соништата се преуредуваат на време. Сепак, сеќавањата се тие што ја пополнуваат бездната празна. Одвреме навреме, го земам пенкалото в рака и моите мисли ги преточувам во мастило на лист хартија. На тој начин си ја исполнувам љубовта кон литературата и поезијата.“ вели Ева.



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